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An author that uses poetry as a tool of expression

Brandon Robinson

I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Being from Detroit there were things that I learned early on. I learned to not really show emotion and to not talk about too much. As I grew older I found my way to the church. I began to learn important lessons that would later help me in writing my book. I learned to process and work through emotions. I also learned the importance of accepting oneself. Additionally I learned the importance of compassion and helping others. These lessons that I learned shaped me into the person I am today. Where I have a strong desire to help people improve the quality of their life.


When you look at a pen tell me what do you see? For me it’s the words that are trapped inside me.

Now one of the ways I accomplish this is through writing Poetry and providing guidance on dealing with the difficult challenges life can bring. So when I think of who am I, I think I am a person deeply guided by my faith who is accompanied by a strong desire to help people. I am an Author, I work with children in my local community and love spending time with family and friends. If there is one thing I want people to take away from meeting me, it’s that they are valuable and I want to help improve their lives. I can go on but my hope is that over time we will get to know each others story. Until then be blessed.